Students with a Disability

Macgregor Primary School provides learning environments and programs that are supportive, well organised, rigorous, engaging, inclusive and differentiated. We are committed to improving student outcomes through high quality teaching and learning.

We promote inclusion, access, participation and quality educational outcomes for students with disabilities through providing differentiated learning programs, building productive partnerships with families and providing a variety of learning and classroom  options for children. We currently have three learning support groups and a variety of children accessing inclusion support programs within mainstream classrooms, receiving support from allied health professionals, or itinerant teachers and support services.

Students with a range of abilities have access to a variety of class models at  Macgregor Primary School. The models are developed each year, according to the needs of the students and skills of our staff. Options include:

  • A small learning support group with a classroom teacher and a Learning Support Assistant (LSA). There are opportunities for integration experiences
  • A small group class with a teacher and an LSA. The class may be located in a a multi class unit with mainstream buddy classes in close proximity. Integration is seamless and ongoing throughout the school day.
  • A mainstream class placement with Inclusion Support. This support may be in the form of a teacher or LSA  who works with the student and class teacher several times a week, an itinerant support teacher, specific support on the playground or during specialist classes or excursion, support from the highly experienced leadership team members, additional learning resources or infrastructure, or further teacher professional learning.

All students with special needs have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). The ILP outlines specific short term goals based on the long term goals identified in previous Student Centred Appraisal of Needs meetings. The ILP team for each student includes parents/carers, classroom teacher, team leader and other interested parties such as the school psychologist and allied health or support professionals.

Students with special needs at Macgregor Primary School have an umbrella of support that ensures they have full access to curriculum and facilities. Support is coordinated through the school's DECO, Team Leader, Classroom Teacher and Response to Intervention Team in consultation with stakeholders and allied health or support professionals.

preschool playground a tent set up in a classroom a photo of the roplay ball in the playground