Learning Support

Macgregor Primary School provides learning environments and programs that are supportive, well organised, rigorous, engaging, inclusive and differentiated. We are committed to improving student outcomes through high quality teaching and learning.

Response to Intervention

'Response to Intervention' refers to a process that emphasises how well students respond to changes in instruction. The essential elements of an RTI approach are:

  • the provision of scientific, research-based instruction and interventions in general education
  • monitoring and measurement of student progress in response to the instruction
  • interventions and use of these measures of student progress to shape instruction and make educational decisions
  • high quality, research-based instruction and behavioural support in general education
  • school wide screening of academics and behaviour in order to determine which students need closer monitoring or additional interventions
  • multiple tiers of increasingly intense scientific, research-based interventions that are matched to student need
  • use of a collaborative approach by school staff for development, implementation, and monitoring of the intervention process
  • continuous monitoring of student progress during the interventions, using objective information to determine if students are meeting goals
  • follow-up measures providing information that the intervention was implemented as intended and with appropriate consistency.

Growth Mindset

Recent advances in neuroscience shows that the brain is very malleable. Teachers encourage hard work and effort to cultivate a growth mindset. When students have a growth mindset, they take on challenges and learn from them, therefore increasing their abilities and achievement. Teachers establishing a culture of feedback for students, is an important element of nurturing a growth mindset culture across our school.

Restorative Practices

Teachers provide support to ensure that the children engage in high quality academic and social learning. Our focus on the Australian Curriculum's General Capabilities supports the development of children to develop critical thinking, ethical and social capabilities and dispositions that support compassion, equity, and social justice.

The focus of the restorative process is about reconnecting and nurturing relationships within the school community. The conference process provides a way for individuals to be accountable and take responsibility for their behaviour through opportunities to repair harm, have harm repaired, and find a way forward.

a child reading with adult support a photo of a child in the playground