Students Identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

At Macgregor Primary School, we are committed to improving Indigenous Australian educational outcomes. This commitment includes working in partnership with members of our Indigenous community to develop shared understandings. We are focused on;

  • Seeking cultural advice and understanding
  • Sharing our history
  • Student engagement
  • Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures into the school plan
  • Building student leadership capacity and high expectations relationships as a 'Stronger, Smarter' philosophy
  • Building connections and relationships
  • Ensuring Aboriginal content and perspectives are embedded in the school curriculum
  • Building staff and student knowledge about Aboriginal culture, histories and experiences
  • Building staff cultural competency
  • Valuing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures within the school environment.

a photo of a boy in the library with friendsa photo of stumps in the play groundsa photo of a year 2 boy writing