P&C Association


Membership of the P&C Association is open to all parents and to other citizens who show interest in the school community.  A new committee is elected in February each year and monthly evening meetings are held.

a photo of cake stall goodies sausages being cooked at a school fundraising activity

Aims and Objectives

The P&C Association at Macgregor Primary School is seen as having the following main functions -

  • To act as a forum for discussion.  The opinion of the P&C is frequently sought by Board members before new policies are formulated or current policies amended.
  • Fundraising and social activities.  The P&C acts as an agent for the School Board in the collection of contributions for the Library Trust Fund and also organises fundraising and social activities eg quiz night, fete, discos.  Money raised is used to purchase equipment and materials not able to be purchased from government funding.
  • The School Canteen.  A sub-committee of the P&C, the Canteen Committee, is responsible for the organisation and day-to-day running of the school canteen.
  • Out of School Hours Care.  This sub-committee of the P&C is responsible for supervising the management of the Out of School Hours Care Program that operates from 7.30—8.55 am  and 3.00—6.00 pm.
  • Macgregor Primary School Music Tutor Scheme. This scheme provides individual tuition in a range of instruments.  Costs are available from the front office.