School Board

The School Board consists of eight members: three parents, two teachers, the principal and a nominee of the ACT Education Directorate and the board secretary.

Under the Education Act (2004) the Board has the following responsibilities:

  • deciding on school policies within the ACT Education Directorate (EDT) guidelines
  • determining the purposes for which school funds are to be expended, based on the school's educational priorities
  • approval of the school budget
  • overall direction of the school curriculum and development of the School Development Plan
  • Presenting an annual report to the ACT DET and the community

The School Board is required to meet at least 4 times a year and may meet more often. Representatives from the Board report to the P & C and staff.  Parents are encouraged to contribute their ideas and expertise to the Board.

Jennifer Hall

Executive Officer

Susie Abrahamffy

Board Chair

Joanne Pearce

Staff Member

Robyn Guenther

Patrick Coffey-Community Representative

Community Representative

Rebecca Bull

Staff Member

Erin Kelly

Parent Member (Photo not provided)

Jennifer Hall

Macgregor Primary principal: Jennifer Hall

Executive Officer

Amanda Bichard

Julie Lines--Parent Member

Parent Member

Melanie Meurant

Sheryl Miller-Parent Member

Parent Member