The NRG program at Macgregor Primary School is a specialised boys' education program that focuses on supporting identified boys in a small group setting through social, emotional and academic assistance. The acronym NRG has two intended meanings - "No Regrets Group" and "energy". The name was developed by the original group of boys in 2010 when the program was first introduced in the school and has remained strong and popular since.

Research into programs such as NRG, provide evidence that increasing each boy's connection to the school through this type of targeted group setting, increases their sense of belonging. Consequently there are a number of positive impacts such as:

  1. A reduction in behavioural incidents
  2. An increase in academic progress
  3. Improved problem solving/decision making
  4. Improved emotional control
  5. Improved resilience
  6. Improved self-respect and respect for others
  7. An increase in trusted communication when issues arise

NRG formally meets once per week in a two hour timetabled slot. Each session aims to ensure that it is motivating, fun and engaging while exploring topics of development, choices, how we treat each other, and respect for ourselves and others. Each session also has an academic focus, with academic and classroom support provided to the boys in consultation with classroom and specialist teachers throughout the school. The NRG group also leads the planning and implementation of some whole school events throughout the year and participates in a number of fun, challenging and rewarding excursions, including an end of year camp.

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