Specialist Subjects


Learning a second language is a compulsory part of education for students from Years 3-10 in Australian schools. Macgregor employs a specialist Spanish teacher, who works from preschool right through to year 6. Students will learn basic language and Spanish culture.  The Spanish teacher will cater for all abilities within the classes, aiming to build upon prior knowledge wherever possible, as the students progress through the school; however, there is no prerequisite knowledge or experience required upon entry to the school.

Physical Education

Students in Australian schools must take part in 25-30 minutes of structured physical activity and/or health each day. At Macgregor, every teaching team takes responsibility for timetabling, planning and delivering a skills-based program for the students. In addition, to the classroom routines, Macgregor employs a specialist PE teacher, who will deliver a special lesson once per week, to every class. Our focus is on active participation, team work and having fun through being active. Of course, skill development is sequential and reported on each semester.

The Arts

From 2015, Macgregor will employ a specialist arts teacher, to work across every class, on a weekly basis. Covering visual art, music, dance and drama, these lessons are designed to complement the classroom teachers' programs and ensure a depth of coverage not often found in a primary school setting.

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