General Information

Macgregor Primary School's Preschool Philosophy

In the words of the children: "We come to preschool to play, have fun, make friends and learn"

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The Macgregor Preschool philosophy builds upon the school’s vision statement and the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework. We believe that children are capable, creative, confident, co-contributors and active participants in their own learning. Macgregor Preschool is a place of wonder and adventure and a place to form friendships. We are part of a dynamic learning setting that reflects the beliefs and values of the broader community and we have a strong focus on social justice, student agency, equity and inclusion. We explore and embed Indigenous perspectives and culture in our teaching and learning.

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Our philosophy in action

We value:

  • contemporary research that affirms the value of play in learning
  • children constructing, exploring, inquiring and investigating
  • high expectations through personalised support for each child
  • respectful, curious, resourceful, resilient, collaborative, reciprocal relationships through open communication
  • cultural diversity as a celebration of individual differences
  • continuous improvement through regular reflection on practice
  • comprehensive documentation that makes learning visible and communicates outcomes and progress
  • opportunities for children to grow with a focus on personal creativity
  • productive partnerships with families as the major influence in children's lives
  • natural and sustainable environments conducive to play
  • seamless and effective transitions that promote positive, successful school experiences
  • confidentiality as a means of respecting everyone's right to privacy.

In child friendly language:

  • we value play – it is how we learn best
  • our teachers believe in each of us as capable learners
  • we respect each other and our differences
  • we celebrate each other for who we are
  • we reflect on our learning
  • we can show you our learning
  • our team is made up of our families, our friends, our teachers, ourselves
  • our learning spaces look and feel play-friendly
  • we know what our education journey looks like
  • we promote each child's 'voice and choice'.

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