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Developing school and class norms/expectations is a collaborative effort and they are designed for the safety and security of the whole community. These are regularly discussed during class meetings, SL@M meetings and assemblies and should be clear to all students.

School Board

The School Board embodies the principle of collaboration between parents and staff, and community partnership in decision-making processes. Its members include three parents (one being the Chairperson), two teachers, a community representative and the Principal. Staggered two-year terms ensure continuity in the Board's work. The Board encourages communication between the school and its community in determining the school's budget, curriculum and education policies as well as its many needs in relation to buildings, facilities, equipment, funds and staff. Parents are welcome to attend any School Board Meeting and elected community members of the School Board can be contacted about school matters. The minutes of the Board Meetings are available from the Office.


Outside school hours the school buildings are under the protection of a security system. However any suspicious behaviour on school property should be reported to Police immediately. Parents, students and community members who use the school after hours are asked to enter and leave by the entrance nearest the School Office. Do not under any circumstances leave by any other door after 3:10 pm as the Building Service Officer will have already locked them from the inside and by using them out of hours the school is left open to illegal entry.

Special Days

The school holds a variety of special days throughout the year. These may include charity and school fundraising days or be linked to significant community events such as Clean up Canberra Day, Harmony Day and Sorry Day, as well as Learning Journeys. Literacy and Numeracy Week and Book Week also enable students and parents to share learning experiences.

Student Leadership at Macgregor (SL@M)

What is the role of SL@M at Macgregor?

1. To represent student voices from across the school.

2. To convey class concerns and/or school improvement ideas to the School Leadership Team.

3. To help build a strong sense of community; this could be through fundraising awareness campaigns (like Sorry Day, Anti-Bullying Day, NAIDOC, environmental & sustainability issues, saving electricity, saving water, health, nutrition etc).

Each class selects two representatives for our SL@M meetings which are held once per fortnight. Led by two volunteer staff members, students meet to discuss issues they feel are relevant to the student body. They design projects and fundraisers for our local community as well as for national and international causes.

Year 5 and 6 students participate in a formal leadership development program each year and have many opportunities to lead their peers throughout the year. These include becoming playground mediators, sport shed monitors and preschool buddies.

Student Management

For further information link to our Student Management Policy.


Macgregor Primary School follows the Sun Protection Policy Guidelines for ACT Schools, "No Hat-No Play in the sun". A key requirement of the Sun Protection Policy is for students to wear hats which protect the face, neck and ears whenever the students are outside. Students without suitable hats are not permitted to play outside at recess and lunchtime. Parents are able to buy a school hat from the Uniform Shop. The school has provided additional outdoor seating and tree planting as measures to support the policy. For further information download our Sun Protection Policy Implementation Guidelines.