School Board

The School Board consists of seven members: three parents, two teachers, the principal and a nominee of the ACT Education Directorate and the board secretary.

Under the Education Act (2004) the Board has the following responsibilities:

  • deciding on school policies within the ACT Education Directorate (EDT) guidelines
  • determining the purposes for which school funds are to be expended, based on the school's educational priorities
  • approval of the school budget
  • overall direction of the school curriculum and development of the School Development Plan
  • presenting an annual report to the ACT DET and the community

The School Board is required to meet at least 4 times a year and may meet more often. Representatives from the Board report to the P & C and staff.  Parents are encouraged to contribute their ideas and expertise to the Board.

Belinda Andrews                    


Duncan Beard

Board Chair

Joanne Pearce

Staff Member

Melissah Cook

Staff Member

Natasha Janssens

Parent Member

Lisa Burling

Parent Member