Sporting Opportunities

Physical Education

Macgregor Primary School provides a Physical Education Program for children from Kindergarten to Year 6 as outlined in the Health and Physical Education Learning Area and the Personal and Social Capability of the Australian Curriculum. Each year, from kindergarten to year 6, we provide students with a minimum of 25 – 30 minutes per day of moderate to vigorous physical activity as part of planned physical education and sport programs.

Physical Education is an all-encompassing term, including fitness skills, Fundamental Motor Skills, dance, recreation, health and appropriate values and knowledge. Learning is a developmental process in PE.  The PE lessons are planned using the Fundamental Motor Skills Program. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their positive sporting behaviours and understandings through involvement in the program.

Sports Houses - Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming Carnivals

children having fun at the swimming carnival. Kindergarten children playing with a ball

At various times during the year, students who are 8 years and over, have the opportunity to participate in the following House Sport carnivals during terms 1, 2 and 3.

Representative Sport

Child has been selected to attend an national sporting activity a photo of children riding their scooters

Depending on an individuals and/or teams performance (house-based time trials), a child can continue to compete in a high level of competition through School Sport ACT. The competition continues through a series of elimination carnivals including Network, Regional, State and finally National competition.

Gala Days

Throughout the year, the students in Years 5 and 6 compete against other schools in the surrounding suburbs in Inter-school sports called Gala Days. Students participate in sports like netball, oz-tag and soccer.

School Netball

Macgregor Primary School has entered a variety of netball teams in local competitions. one of Macgregor's hard working teachers, Georgia Starling, coaches the students during lunchtime at school.

children playing netball A photo of three children playing

Sports Clinics

Throughout each year, Macgregor Primary School invites local sporting organisations to provide skills clinics for each class of children.

Josh on the flying fox at school camp child eating a healthy salad roll A girl drinking hot chocolate at school campat school camp

Outdoor Education Camps for 2021

Term 1 - Year 6 -  two night camp at The Tops Camp, Stanwell Tops NSW

Term 2 - Year 5 - two night camp at Cooba Sport and Recreation Outdoor Camp, Berridale NSW

Term 3 - Year 4 - two night camp at Birigai Outdoor and Environmental Education Centre, Tidbinbilla ACT

Term 4 - Year 3 - one night camp at Warambui Retreat and Conference Centre, Murrumbateman NSW

Extracurricular Programs

lunchtime Bike Club

Year 1 to 6 children have an opportunity to participate in a Bike Education program on Friday lunchtimes. . The aim of the program is to enable students to:

  • Develop the physical and cognitive skills to manage the environment safely as a cyclist
  • Develop responsible behaviours, attitudes and decision-making skills for safe use of bicycles both on and off the road

Swimming Programs

LSG, Year 1 and Year 2 students have the opportunity to participate in  intensive swimming programs (every year). The programs aim to develop each child’s water confidence, swimming ability and awareness of water safety.

The cost of this program includes pool entry, swimming instruction and bus fares.