Macgregor's Policies and Procedures

Education Directorate Policies

Education Directorate policies succinctly articulate the Directorate's position, provide a framework for action and ensure a consistent approach to our day-to-day activities and decision making. Policies may be supported by school based guidelinesAll Directorate policies can be viewed on the Education Directorate website.

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If you have any feedback please contact Belinda Andrews on 61421600. The ACT Education Directorate's Complaints Policy can be located at

Education Directorate's online complaints form is available at

Macgregor specific Procedures, Frameworks and Strategies

Macgregor Primary School Sunsmart Procedures

Macgregor Primary School Uniform Code Procedures

Macgregor Primary School Communication Strategy

Macgregor Primary School Gifted and Talented Framework

Macgregor Primary School Student Wellbeing Behaviour Support Framework

Macgregor Primary School's Preschool Unit Policies and Procedures

All procedures and policies relevant to Macgregor Primary School's Preschool Unit are available on the preschool unit's communication table under their verandah.