Preschool Framework

At Macgregor Preschool our teachers are fully qualified with an Early Childhood degree. They use nationally recognised documents to ensure they develop and provide quality programs for all. They believe their role as educators is to respond to children's ideas and play and use intentional teaching to scaffold and extend each child's learning. As well as this learning through play they also explicitly teach Literacy and Numeracy, Spanish, Indigenous culture, Environmental and Physical Education, The Arts and Science and Technology.

children playing at preschool  Preschool play A photo of preschool children at an assembly

The national Early Years Learning Framework has been developed for children from birth to five years to ensure all children receive quality education programs in their early childhood setting. This is a vital time for them to learn and develop. The Framework's vision is for all children to experience play-based learning that is engaging and builds success for life.

Our teachers use the Framework in partnership with families, children's first and most influential educators, to develop learning programs responsive to children's ideas, interests, strengths and abilities, and recognise that children learn through play.

The Early Years Learning Framework describes childhood as a time of belonging, being and becoming.